A dream for new world Anchored in India and committed to its traditional values of leadership with trust, the Taj Pharma Group is spreading its footprint globally through excellence and innovation.

Each operating company in the group develops its international business as an integral element in an overall strategy, depending on the competitive dynamics of the industry in which it operates. For some businesses a focus on the export market remains the priority. For others it is developing a robust presence in domestic markets given growing population of India. And then there are Group companies, a small but growing number, that have global ambitions; additionally, synchronizing these ventures to cater Indian market remains a priority for growth.

Exports from India remain the cornerstone of the Taj Pharma Group’s international business, but different Taj companies are increasingly investing in assets overseas through Greenfield projects (such as in Spain, Germany, Middle East, Africa, Russia, and CIS Countries), joint ventures (in Sri Lanka, UK) and acquisitions.

While individual Taj companies have differing geographical imperatives, the Taj group is focusing on a clutch of priority countries, which are expected to be of strategic importance in the years ahead. The regions are UK, Sri Lanka, the Netherlands, Germany, South Africa, members of the Gulf Cooperation Council, Brazil, Vietnam, Thailand and Taiwan.

Dr. R.K.Singh, Chairman, Taj Pharmaceuticals Limited., sums up the Taj group’s efforts to internationalize its operations thus: “We hope that a several years from now we will spread our wings far beyond India, that we become a global group, operating in many countries, an Indian business conglomerate that is at home in the world, carrying the same sense of trust that we do today." We have already progressed on such efforts by our current presence in more than 40 countries.

About Taj Pharma

Taj Pharma is one of the largest generic pharmaceutical company in India. We hold top positions in different established markets worldwide and are building a strong presence in many emerging generics markets.

Our product development and manufacturing capability, teamed with our ability to market products in many global markets, makes TPL an attractive business ally. A key part of our business strategy is to collaborate with partners with complementary skills - "A Win-Win" strategy that strengthens the position of our partners as well as TPL.

TPL has already experienced commercial success penetrating the US health care market, and looks forward to enhanced growth and future business opportunities through collaboration and strategic alliances.

API Development and Production

Dosage Form Development and Manufacturing
Contract Manufacturing
Sales and Marketing
Marketing Strategies

API Development and Production

For those who want to manufacture their own product or brand, without the time and costs associated with developing the API (Active Pharmaceutical Ingredient), We can provide the API, eliminating this step from your process. The key advantages of using our backwardly integrated system are:

  • Ensuring continuity of supply
  • Ensuring consistent quality of product
  • Competitive costs
  • Resources to respond in a timely fashion to meet demand

Dosage Form Development and Manufacturing

We experience as a global manufacturer makes us aptly suited to take on the complex process of solid or liquid dosage form development. At TAJ PHARMACEUTICALS LTD., we continually reverse engineer to improve upon our development process, enhancing the yield, with a focus on cost efficiencies.

Contract Manufacturing

To expand your product line with minimum investment, TAJ PHARMACEUTICALS LTD. provides "LOCK KEY" manufacturing services including API and dosage form development, to allow you to focus on marketing and selling the product. This is an efficient way to increase your product line and profit margins, while taking advantage of TAJ PHARMACEUTICALS LTD.' manufacturing experience and expertise.

Sales and Marketing

We has set itself apart in the marketplace by the rapid growth of its product line, its willingness to emulate complex drug formulations, and its core competencies in anti-infective, gastrointestinal, cardiovascular and analgesics arenas.

TAJ PHARMACEUTICALS LTD. has a commercial advantage as many of the high-profit branded drugs with expiring patents over the next few years are in the categories where we has proven its expertise.

TPL has a self-contained marketing group that works to co-market products (the same chemical under different brands), and co-promote products (the same brand name carried by two different companies). TPL has marketed their services out to other companies, as they perform all of the steps in the pharmaceutical process - from development and manufacturing to distribution and sales.TPL's commitment to quickly expanding the breadth and depth of their product line has been key to their success in the marketplace.

Marketing Strategies

Our Marketing Strategies as emphasized by the name is the department which is focused primarily on developing and establishing different strategies for the promotion/distribution of Branded/Generic as well as the OTC products for TPL. One of the key tasks for the department is to identify/look out for various opportunities in different markets or channels of distribution and to pursue those opportunities developing and establishing new relationships in the market. Managed Care / Internet marketing are few of the key areas that the department is looking to introduce into their ever expanding products portfolio.

The department is headed by DR.C.R.BHATT and together with his team they are dedicated to strive and promote TPL products into the new expanding market horizon.


TPL prides itself on taking a creative, mutually beneficial approach to licensing arrangements. By being open to both outward and inward licensing opportunities, TPL fulfills unmet needs in the marketplace

Taj Pharma group

Taj Group is spreading its footprint globally through excellence and innovation

Taj group is focused on a clutch of priority countries, which are expected to be of strategic importance in the years ahead. The regions are Middle East, Sri Lanka, UK, China, the Netherlands, Germany, South Africa, members of the Gulf Cooperation Council, Brazil, Vietnam, Thailand and Taiwan.

Taj Pharma Group
Product Therapeutic Category

For Consumers / Patients

Thank you for visiting our website. Most of our products are for treating day-to-day aliments and offer benefits to satisfy patient needs. Leading Doctors are extremely happy with our products and have passed on the benefits to a large number of patients who are all highly satisfied with the results. Choose the product of your need then consult your Doctor, alternatively you can give us your Doctors' phone no. and email i.d. so that we can communicate the required details to your Doctor. If the product is not available in your area kindly inform us, we can arrange to send it to you by vpp or courier. We would be grateful if you could email us products of your interest and suggestions.

Therapeutic IndexTherapeutic Index
Antihemorrhagic Drugs
Eye and Ear Preparations
Gastroenterological Products
Antiosteoporotic Products
Gynaecological Products
Cardiovascular Products
Nasal Preparations
Dermatological Products
Respiratory Drugs
Diabetic Products
Oncocare Products
Urological Products

Infrastracture of Taj Pharma Group

Historical Moment of Taj Pharma

The founder of Taj Pharmaceuticals, Dr. R. K. Singh, is a pioneering entrepreneur who is convinced that the future belonged to branded pharmaceutical products. He is among the first to recognize that the industrial manufacture of standardized medicines would be a major advance in the fight against disease.

This led him to found Taj Pharmaceuticals Ltd. in India & Abroad. From the very beginning,
Dr. R. K. Singh
attached great importance to product information as the link between the pharmaceutical manufacturer and doctors, pharmacists and patients. Shortly after the foundation of the company, affiliates were opened in Mauritius, Malaysia, Dubai, Moscow, England, France, the US, Great Britain and Russia.

Since then, Taj Pharmaceuticals has grown into one of the world's leading healthcare companies and one of the most important India.

Taj Pharma Manufacturing

TAJ PHARMA MANUFACTURING, With our world class technology, we have built systems that meet the most stringent international manufacturing standards. Expert quality teams ensure that systems and processes remain in compliance with the latest standards and international markets.
Our plants hold approvals from the FDA.

Generic Medicines

A generic medicine is a medicine that is similar to an original brand name medicine. It has also been defined as a term referring to any medicine marketed under its chemical name without advertising.

Although they may not be associated with a particular company, generic medicines are subject to the regulations of Governments in countries where they are dispensed. Generic medicines are labelled with the name of the manufacturer and the adopted name of the medicine.

Generic medicines must contain the same active ingredient as the original formulation and conform to all clinical trials and processes that are demanded of branded medicine. A generic medicine will treat the same disease or illness as that of the branded medicines

Is a Generic Medicine similar to a Branded Medicine?
Yes, a generic drug is manufactured using the same active ingredient as that of the branded drug, the active ingredient is what makes it work. The required dose of the active ingredient is the same in the generic medicine as it is in the branded medicine. A generic medicine acts in the same way in the body. You can either use the original or the generic medicine to achieve the same effect or benefit.

Why are Generic Medicines Cheaper?
All branded drugs have an exclusivity period for approximately 10 years. At the end of this period, the formula used to manufacture the brand drug becomes readily available and so, does not incur the high end cost of the initial research and development usually associated with a brand drug. Therefore, companies such as TajTaj Pharma (UK) Ltd. do not incur the same costs in producing a generic drug.

Taj Worldwide

Quality is our specialty

taj pharma Group

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We are capable of producing high quality effective medicines for different treatment needs.

Taj Pharma is rank based company in India, with wide ranging capabilities in the field of drug manufacturing, exporting and technological innovation.

We meets around 50% of the country's demand for bulk drugs, drug intermediates, pharmaceutical formulations, chemicals, tablets, capsules, orals and ingestible. The demand and rapid innovation makes the company competitive in international Pharmaceuticals and Api market.

Our units produce the complete range of pharmaceutical formulations, i.e., medicines ready for consumption, active ingredients having therapeutic value and used for production of pharmaceutical formulations

World class manufacturing facilities

Taj Pharma has world class manufacturing facilities at its various plants in India. Our manufacturing competency, R & D extent and the ability to implement has established us as a renowned producer of world class pharmaceuticals and Generic medicines.

Presently we are one of the largest exporters of Pharmaceutical Generic Medicines

Taj Pharma has covered its presence in several potential countries, the major among are listed below :

Asia Africa Latin America Sri Lanka Russia Mauritius Georgia Singapore Ukraine Sudan Malaysia Uganda UAE

Contact Us

Taj Pharma India is one of the largest generic pharmaceutical company in India. We hold top positions in different established markets worldwide and are building a strong presence in many emerging generics markets. You can contact Taj Pharma India's business by telephone on +91-22-3060-1000, if you have an enquiry about the company, our healthcare business, or one of our medicines.

Media professionals can contact our India Press Office team directly with enquiries. Please note that this e-mail address is intended for journalists with specific enquiries. Unfortunately we are unable to respond to any non-media enquiries submitted via this route.

Note: This product information is intended only for residents of the India. Taj Pharma India,  medicines help to treat and prevent a range of conditions—from the most common to the most challenging—for people around the world. The Price of the drugs indicated above may not match the actual price at which they are sold. Prices can change depending on many factors, including local taxes. These are only approximate indicative prices of the drug. The products discussed herein may have different product labelling in different countries. The product information provided in this site is intended only for the residents of India.

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