Taj Life Sciences

We are under the umbrella of Taj Pharma Group
which is already a leading generics company.

We started production of Tablet and Capsule Section at Vapi (Gujarat);
the core competence was cardiovascular and lipid care products.

Today ?Taj Life Sciences?, a Taj Pharma Group of Companies ? is a powerful modern high-tech manufacturing company and one of the leading pharmaceutical companies of India on the development, manufacture and sale of high-quality and affordable medicines.

Healthcare for people. As one of the India?s leading pharmaceutical companies, our business is focused on turning good ideas into innovative, effective medicines that make a real difference in important areas of healthcare.

?Taj Life Sciences? mission is to provide high quality medicines with predictable results and cost effective healthcare?

We are committed to serve healthcare through empathy, innovation and technology. Our biggest assets are:-

Human Values
We are a strong dedicated team and we work towards achieving common objectives of providing quality medicines and cost effective healthcare.

Moving ahead, we have to consistently set higher standards & benchmarks that will be world class.

We are committed & dedicated to ensure that everyone at Taj Life Sciences adheres to prescribed regulations, proper conduct and action maintained by correction and training & our responsibility towards environment.

Quality achieved through:

  • Sound basic attitude to quality and personal commitment at all levels.
  • Integrated comprehension of systems and processes.
  • Constant focus on improvements of systems internally as well as externally.

Business Development
The full range of support is offered including QC testing, RA support, visual inspection, secondary packaging and temperature controlled storage.

Quality Policy
Commitment to produce zero defect product.
Quality is customer driven and not merely a departmental obligation. It is significant to everyone in the organization. To ensure Total Quality Management, the Quality Assurance (QA) department in our plant is autonomous in its functioning.

We reiterate our commitment to quality and produce a zero defect product.

Taj Life Sciences? quality policy is defined as follows:
Our ultimate aim is to produce zero defect product and all our systems should act as filters at all levels to ensure that our products are of good quality and fulfill the individual requirements of our customers.

High Quality Generic Versions

Our endeavor to create generic formulations is inspired by the philosophy of bringing good health to many by offering more than 100 high quality generic versions of expensive innovator medicines. As one of the most vertically-integrated global generic formulations majors, Taj Life Sciences is committed to transparency, innovation and quality.

TAJ LIFE SCIENCES was incorporated in 2008 and our FDA Approved Manufacturing Unit for the Tablet / Capsule / Liquid Injectables is located in Vapi, Gujarat, 90km from Mumbai, India. 2 Line on Tablets / Capsules and 3 Line Injectable Project for Specialty Injectable with a strong R&D support and the core team members in the director panel have patent in R&D formulation of Tablet / Capsule / Liquid Injectable.

  • Tablet (General)
  • Capsule (General)
  • Liquid Injectables ? (General)

Established in 2008, Taj Life Sciences was born out of the vision to create a healthcare company that would address to the compassionate healthcare needs.  Taj Life Sciences was established for specialty generics from our initial focus on Central Nervous System products, which over the years have grown into various therapeutic segments like cardiovascular, gynecology, dermatology, anti diabetic, antibiotics & anti-infections, anti histamines, analgesics, acute pain killers, OTC/ FMCG products & variety of generics under tablets / capsules and injections.

Our commitment and drive have boosted our growth from a single manufacturing facility at Vapi, Gujarat to a range of three more multi formulation manufacturing facilities in a pollution free & lush green surroundings at India?s best industrial area at Vapi, Gujarat, India.  At present all of the four manufacturing facilities are approved WHO -GMP facilities.

Taj Life Sciences, has carved a niche for itself in generic market and is preferred outsourcing partner for some of the large pharma companies in India. Headquartered in Mumbai, India, which is about 20 miles from the Mumbai Airport, Taj Life Sciences has today establishing itself as a medium sized pharma company with infrastructure, skills & resources that are at par with the best in the industry.

Taj Life Sciences brands and generics are prescribed by the leading doctors of the country & are available at all the leading outlets in various cities of India. Our strong understanding of products provides us the strategic benefits of integration that allow us to perform best in an increasingly competitive market. The faith & reputation we command in the heart of the doctors, patients & retailers towards our products, makes us conscious everyday to keep on delivering high quality medicines.

Due to our strong emphasis on product quality, Taj Life Sciences is an approved vendor of some of our products to various Government Institutions like Govt. Health Departments, Defense services, CSD canteens, Indian Railways and other public sector undertaking?s hospitals in India. We, at Taj Life Sciences, are committed to develop new technologies. We have been able to launch products with enhanced release profiles to ensure better treatment compliance and dosage convenience. Taj Life Sciences has developed cinnarzine, dexchlorphenramine maleate, metoprolol tartrate and metformin tablets in sustained release form. After the success in the domestic market, Taj Life Sciences has now ventured into the overseas markets & is currently exporting its products to various international destinations in  CIS, Africa, Middle East, South East Asia, Latin America and steadily increasing our global presence. Taj Life Sciences has also developed a good range of FMCG products like, Tooth pastes for sensitive teeth, Moisturizing Creams and lotions, Head lice soaps & shampoos, Anti-cold products, Cough syrups & many more, which have been developed & tested through the chemists? retail shops. The repeat demand for these products is very encouraging & now is the time to carve it out as a separate division.

Our products are available throughout the globe; Asian and CIS countries  ? Armenia, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Moldova, Russia, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan, Ukraine, and Uzbekistan; Cambodia, Cyprus, Jordan, Laos, Lebanon, Malaysia, Myanmar, Nepal, Pakistan,Philippines, Saudi Arabia, Singapore, Sri Lanka, Syria, Thailand, Vietnam and Yemen.

African countries- Algeria, Angola, Congo, Cameroon, Central African,  Egypt, Ethiopia, Gabon, Ghana, Kenya, Morocco, Mozambique, Nigeria, South Africa, South Sudan, Sudan, Togo and Zimbabwe. European Countries ? Switzerland, Germany, Portugal, Denmark, France and England Republic.

Our products are also available in Canada, Chile and Haiti.

Formulation Research & Development

We focus on Long-term program. The Program focuses on the discovery, development, research and commercialization of new drugs that address disease areas with significantly unmet medical need.

Our efforts are directed towards identifying and developing new therapies for disease areas that include diabetes, Skin and many more.

Our well defined strategy has enabled us to identify promising candidates and we are building a robust pipeline of new formulations.

Business Strategy

A winning strategy is essential to reach or accomplish goals in pharmaceutical industry. However, maintaining the excellence of Strategic Drug Development Services is a necessary stipulation for the Strategic evolution of Pharma companies

From treatment to prevention, and beyond

The emergence of ground breaking new therapies, advances in technology and the consumerization of health through increased access to data by patients are expected to augment the shift from treatment of symptoms to prevention measures and complete cures by 2030.

Pharma 2030 Vision

To adapt to the emerging changes, pharma leaders need to take swift steps to get ahead of changes. CEOs may not be able to predict the future. However, they can test potential solutions in think-tanks or laboratories. CEOs can prepare for the future in a way by setting up fully independent, integrated Pharma 2030 experimental laboratories to test new archetypes and business models.

Contract Manufacturing and Technology Transfer

Our Contract manufacturing services are effectively managed through a dedicated team of Program Managers who service each customer contract with utmost confidentiality and focus on On-time and In-full servicing of customer orders.
We have successfully managed technology development and transfer projects in collaboration with large customers and are strongly positioned to render these services for other global companies.


Taj Life Sciences, views partnering and collaborating as an important strategic approach that will complement its growth in the existing markets of Russia, CIS, and India, as well as other international markets.
Its partnering approach is to build mutually rewarding long-term business relationships based on an exclusive marketing business model for the targeted geographies, as well as co-marketing or co-development models, including clinical trials of products that are a prerequisite for regulatory approvals.

R & D

We will discover, develop and successfully market pharmaceutical products to prevent, diagnose, alleviate and cure diseases.
We shall provide total customer satisfaction and achieve leadership in chosen markets, products and services across the globe, through excellence in technology, based on world-class research and development.
We are responsible to the society. We shall be good corporate citizens and will be driven by high ethical standards in our practices.?
Taj Life Sciences follows the philosophy of ?Innovate, Develop and Deliver?.

Taj Life Sciences is committed to provide quality products and always adheres to established quality standards. The quest for the best quality is an ongoing process at Taj Life Sciences and internal quality audits ensure regular evaluation and continuous improvement. Taj Life Sciences team is committed to fulfill the spirit and intent of its quality policy across all functions. At Taj Life Sciences, people work collaboratively to enhance customer satisfaction by providing quality products.