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Taj Pharmaceuticals Limited, a dedicated leader in Oncology Formulation development activities and its major success are: Custom contract manufacturing and dedicated facility, Dedicated Oncology Units for manufacturing anticancer drugs like lyophilized injectables , tablets & capsules etc.

Taj Pharmaceuticals Limited head quartered in Mumbai, India is an integrated; research based Pharmaceutical Company, focused on super specialty products. The company Taj Pharma Oncology Division specializes in chemotherapeutic formulations offering a diverse array of innovative solutions and therapies each of which plays an important role in providing solace and comfort to people. Trusted by healthcare professionals and patients across the globe, the Taj Pharmaceutical company is backed by the finest talents of the Pharmaceutical industry.

Taj Pharmaceuticals Anticancer Medicines Manufacturer from India.

Taj Pharmaceuticals Limited, however, is defined in more compelling terms: sheer grit, the zeal to innovate and create products that stand out for their top-notch quality, and complete commitment to all stakeholders. Right from when they set out on their journey over a decade ago, the Directors?Dr.Ranvir Kumar Singh, Mr.Abhishek Singh, CEO and Mrs.Priyanka Singh, were sure that their vision would not be clouded by merely running after numbers. This is perhaps one of the crucial factors that have led to Taj Pharmaceutical becoming one of the most promising pharmaceutical brands in India today.

Where it all began

Our journey began in 1995. With a paltry initial capital amount, Dr.Ranvir Kumar Singh, our Chairman, started a medical distribution company in the name of Taj Pharma Medical. We dealt solely in generic medical distribution catering to various Doctors and hospitals, covering central suburbs of Mumbai.

Taj Pharmaceuticals Anticancer Medicines Manufacturer from India.

Taj Pharmaceuticals Anticancer Medicines Manufacturer from India.

We are a trusted Anticancer Medicines Manufacturer from India.

Cancer is one of the most dreaded diseases in the world. It accounts for millions of deaths across the world each year. The causes of the disease have been a mystery for several years and that is why it has been difficult to come up with a single effective treatment for the diseases.

After spending a couple of years studying this health concern, Taj Pharmaceuticals has come up with a solution. Let?s find out what the solution is.

According to Taj Pharma, cancer is a serious complication that cannot be handled by a single kind of treatment. As a result, we have produced different types of medication that can be used to provide assistance to cancer victims. We have not kept the good news to Indians themselves. Several cancer patients from all parts of the world have benefited a lot from our cancer treatments.

Our products
We manufacturer and export a wide variety of cancer treatment which include Erlotinib, Capecitabine, Gefitinib and Imatinib among other anti-cancer tablets. We also manufacture anti-cancer injections and capsules. Our products are effective as it has been tested and approved by different persons in different countries.

As a company that understands the physical pain that cancer patients undergo, we also produce less painful and convenient treatments such as oncology generic medicines. Individuals who use these medicines are bound to keep their productive lives since they will enjoy lesser visits to physicians, less leaves from work and above all, they will have enough time to interact with members of their families. Patients should always understand that our products guarantees flexibility since they can choose to be treated anywhere even at their homes.

We pride ourselves are a successful and a reputable company because all our cancer products and services have been endorsed by health institutions not only in India but also in the entire world. With us, you are sure to get award winning products and services.